Milo Marathon 2008 Route Map

I’ve been busy with mommy duties today. I was only able to squeeze in 20minutes of running in the rain around 10AM today.And because of the rain yesterday – I wasn’t able to run with the Happy Feet runners in U.P. Diliman as well… Bummer! However,  I was able to call Milo and they gave me the route directions for the 10K and Carlo was kind enough to leave a comment regarding the Milo route for 42K. Read the full details here… But, I tried on googling for the Milo marathon map and I got this route map from Bananarunning’s blog. She took a photo from a clipping from the Philippine Star today. Smart!


And below is what Carlo posted in his comment on the Milo marathon…

Details for the 42.2k only:

1. bring the things you got from registering (milo shirt, runner’s tag, runner’s number, pins)

2. call time for 42.2k is 4:30 am! they suggested being there at 4:00 the latest to find the 0km mark just in case i guess.

3. there is no map (at least that’s what the milo guys said)! only the route details. for further details, please do call them. i am honestly not that familiar with the route dictated to me… sorry.

4. milo 42.2k route:
-start at rizal monument, roxas, at km 0. landmark is the carabao.
-roxas blvd going to paranaque,
-U-turn at mia road,
-go to buendia (just don’t know via osmena or somewhere else)
-at left side, right under bridge (beside cash an carry mall) going to buendia, makati
-go over kalayaan fly over to global city
-right at 5th street ( i think that’s the actual street name)
-go to lawton avenue (fort)
-u-turn at bayani road
-u-turn near the c5 area (we won’t really go to c5, whew!)
-then lawton again
-then back to roxas via buendia
-then back to manila hotel, where everything started off.

4. there will be water stations every 2.5 k, so there would be 16-17 land marks for the full marathon guys.

It’s going to be a great Sunday! See you there!

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  • Don

    Thanks!! I’ve been worried about the rain… I hope all turns out well on Sunday.. I’ve been training for this for more than 16 weeks and I’ve been carbo-loading since Thursday. haha!

    Thanks again and Good luck at the Races! Peace!

  • sfrunner

    Good luck tomorrow!

  • Philip

    Great stuff, all the best with your race tomorrow, hope to see you there, I will be doing the 10 though. If you see me there, come say hi, I will be one of the few white guys and wearing the yellow NB903 running shoes. If I dont see you there, all the best!!!!! Keep fit