32nd Milo Marathon Results for 3K/5K/10K/42K

Hello! Been busy reviewing and recuperating these past 3 days. I nursed a slight fever yesterday and hopefully I’ll get to meet the Happy Feet Runners in U.P. Diliman tonight.

I was just browsing around and I found the 32nd Milo Marathon results from Bananarunning’s blog :)

I just updated this now. I got the results for 5K too! Happy running :D

3K 32nd Milo Marathon results

5K 32nd Milo Marathon results

10K 32nd MiLo Marathon Over-all results

42K 32nd MiLo Marathon Over-all results


Official Time Finished is 59:49… Next goal is finish a 10K by 50:00! Whew!

You can view ALL THE 32nd MILO MARATHON RESULTS HERE. Just choose your city… :)

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  • lisa

    hi! thanks for posting the results. i’m a mom too (of 2 kids, 4 and 8) and i just started running april of this year. this was my first 10k so i’m quite elated for even finishing it! i will have to work hard to clock in less than one hour next time.

    by any chance, would you know where i can get the 5k results?


    Hi Lisa! If I find it I’ll post it ASAP… Haven’t found it yet though :( Check the list of races and you might consider joining some of them :)

  • lisa

    yes! i am actually joining the fun run this sunday with my kids (mommy milkshake). i am also thinking of joining the Miracle Run on the 17th just to keep pushing myself to run better :-D thanks again!

  • jasonxXx

    Hi…good day..
    Please also post the result of the 5k milo marathon run…Thanks…Even the top 100, will be fine for me..
    Thanks a lot..god bless..:)

    Hi! No news yet regarding the 5K results – will post it as soon as I get it. Thanks!

  • http://therainman96.multiply.com the_rainman

    thanks for posting! you’re blog is most helpful :)

    Thanks! You’re welcome :D

  • runningfatboy

    thanks for posting :)

    You’re welcome!

  • lisa

    hi there!

    milo finally posted the results of the marathon (all the races). you can go to http://www.milo.com.ph

    Got it thanks! I just updated the post for the 32nd Milo Marathon Results 5K/10K/42K.

  • http://deleted jasonxXx

    hi poh..the link at the top which we can see the milo marathon result is not the correct link, coz there’s no link for all the marathon..Please pa post naman poh nung 5k even the top 100, thanks a lot and god bless. :)

    Just updated the results for 5K and 10K! Check it out :D

  • Grace Sunga

    hello fit mommy. so greatful for the result wondering if you could also show the 3km result so my kids would be inspired too thanks and God Bless

    Hello! I just posted the 3K results… Are your kids Andre, Anjo and Anna? Nice times for their age for a 3k! Congratulations to them! you must be very proud :D

  • edgardo prajes

    please post the result of 32nd milo marathon 5k overall result on August 2008, held at Cebu City..

    Hi, I just posted the website for the 32nd MILO MARATHON RESULTS… Just choose your city there.

  • melchor laranang

    Please advice date of publishing for the 32nd Milo 3K kiddie run held here @ Baguio city. Thank you.

  • bumblebee

    grabe ang sarap tumakbo, kasama mga friends koh!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://cristalyn_crush@yahoo.com Cristalyn

    ang saya sumali sa milo marathon kahit umuulan man o bumagyo tuloy parin ang takbo at ang saya sa pakiramdam


  • http://marilou_24_seigaku@yahoo.com marilou

    ang saya sumalin sa MILO MARATHON kahit minsan umuulan man o umaaraw tuloy na tuloy ang MARATHON at napakasaya sumali kasi nakaka meet ka ng bagong friends ………………..

  • http://none joshua

    where i can find 32nd milo marathon result’s??
    why you put the title of 32nd milo marathon results but when i click it 33rd milo marathon resulst’s is showned…!!!

    • http://embracingeveryday.net Gigi

      Hi Joshua,

      The Milo marathon websites – uses the same website every year. I do believe they just update the link every time they hold the said event every year… Thank you.