Since, I’m not running 25K this Sunday for the New Balance Race. I’m balancing my workout with a mix of running and body weight training. I am not as focused with my exercise regimen these past few days as I would like to be.

DSC05663Yesterday, D and I ran 5K for our cardio workout. He finished his run in less than 20 minutes and I finished in 26. After that, we did our own circuit training workouts. We must’ve have looked like a crazy couple whipping up a rubberized medicine ball and 6 lb. weights from the car.

We did our workout over at Manila Memorial at around 4:00PM with Sky kicking his own yellow ball with Ate Ging. As much as I would like to invest in a jogging stroller – it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for Sky to sit still for a long period of time.

I did a good number of push-ups and triceps dip on a stone bench. Increasing my upper body strength for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon this coming Sunday. For that day, I just want to have fun finishing the obstacle course without grimacing in pain at the end. :)

After our workout, D flew a kite with Sky. And we played a round of Frisbee too. You see, we ALWAYS have a kite, a Frisbee, a ball and a mat in the trunk of our car – lest we found ourselves in open spaces. All in all it was a happy and tired day.

This morning the alarm went off at 5:30AM and D went out to run again. I slept in - my inner thighs were throbbing a little…You see, he’s the one so focused now. A couple of days after the VSO Race – D got this copy of Runner’s World


I showed him Coach Rio’s website and gave him a glimpse of the VSO Race results. (The husband is not internet or technology savvy) And he said…

“Mom, I’m staying at 5K for the next race. I’m aiming to finish a 5K in 15 minutes.”

Are you nuts? Yeah, you can finish a 5K with that time. You’re more disciplined than I am!” I replied with enthusiasm. ;D

He smiled and continued browsing Coach Rio’s website… Even if I thought he’s a little nuts in finishing 5K in that time. I know he’ll get to that PR eventually.

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