Juicing Once A Day and a No Rice Diet

Ack! It’s been more than a week since I blogged about anything here. Been really busy with Sky’s last week in school, and I was also swamped with work. I was only able to log in 2 short runs last week, and making up for lost time today with another quick 5K run around the village.

However, I have been religiously drinking a full cup of juiced fruits at least once a day for 9 days now.

My Daily Dose of Juice consists of:

  • 2 small Apples
  • 1 medium sized carrot
  • 1 medium sized red beetroot

I just wash the fruits thoroughly. Get rid of the apple’s seeds, the carrot and beetroot top – and pop it in the power juicer with their skin and all. Combining these three makes for a REALLY HEALTHY drink. You get Vitamin C from Apples, Vitamin A from Carrots and lots of minerals and antioxidant benefits from red beetroot. I haven’t been able to find any good Kale to make this an ultimate power juice.

The result is surprisingly pleasant, with a woodsy aroma from the beetroot.

Beet juice

I usually get my red beetroot from Sidcor Sunday Market for PhP150 a kilo, which will last me for a week and a half.

Aside from drinking pure and raw juice every single day, I have also stopped eating rice – any form. No lugaw, champorado or even garlic fried rice – even if the viand is tuyo or crabs or shrimps. It was pretty darn hard for the first three days, but from 4th day onwards, it became pretty tolerable. I still eat seafood WITHOUT THE RICE, but I make sure I have steamed vegetables or a bag of mixed greens to go with any protein that is on the lunch or dinner table.

I am doing this because, I am kind of tired of having that paunchy stomach. And hitting 36 this coming May is kind of a big number that’s a siren in my head, that I have to take care of myself even more. Having no rice in my meals have not given me a washboard abs yet – but combined with moderate exercise, eating and juicing right has left me feeling lighter and better.

Rice will be back on my plate in a few weeks, but only in moderate amounts. And juicing will definitely be a daily fare for me. :)

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  • http://deemenrunner.blogspot.com deemenrunner (Noel Camarillo)

    grabe mommy g ibang klaseng discipline yan! galing!

    • G

      Ang hirap! Pero nasanay na din katawan ko :D