21K Run United 2 2012: The Jolt that I Need

With only a sporadic amount of run this past few months, I inadvertently knew that I was not ready to run a half-marathon for he second leg of the Runrio Trilogy/ Run United for this year. But, having been able to bag the first of the 3 medals last March, I blindly registered for the 21K.

Another one of those moments that I know that I should have prepared for, but did not. I have been using being busy as an excuse to procrastinate on my workouts and runs, but the Run United half-mary yesterday was just what I needed to get me back to my old reality. My body is a bit sore and achy right now, but surprisingly not as worse as I thought I would be. Call me a masochist, but the soreness and pain feels REALLY GOOD right now. It serves as a reminder that my body can still push itself even with little training, and more so if I trained some more.


When the alarm set off at 2:00 in the morning of June 17, I didn’t feel like moving at all. I was listening to the rain, with intent on finding a reason to just not run that morning, after all I only clocked in an hour and a half of sleep, add in the scarcity of training – I KNEW I WAS SCREWED BIG TIME.

But, I had to pull myself up knowing I have to pick up my girlfriend, Jaimie at 3:15AM. I brewed a pot of coffee, stuffed what gel I have in my new RU2 belt, a ziplock and some change of clothes. Had a slice of cake, poured my brewed coffee in my Starbucks thermal mug and grabbed a banana – then drove off under the pouring rain en route to Jaimie’s house and over to BGC.


Knowing that I didn’t have any training, I stopped myself from getting hyped up at the start. I took it slow and easy – so I don’t get wasted at the last few kilometers of the 21K. This is my 12th 21K, and with experience I have learned how my body will be during and after the run even with zero training. I was banking on my mind to help me get through the whole 21K. I popped in music and didn’t have any plans, but decided to just pace with Jaimie from start to finish. She also has zero training like myself, being her a busy banker and all.

I was sure glad that it just started to drizzle as the run went on. The cool and balmy weather was a welcome respite as opposed to the heat of the sun. The Gods were in favor of us with the delicious weather from start to finish. The route was pretty much the same as the first leg of the Runrio trilogy, only this time instead of turning right to Roxas, we turned left on this boulevard from Buendia. Water and Powerade was overflowing – including bananas that was in a couple of water stations – strategically placed where most runners would need a banana the most. I didn’t eat any though, since I don’t hold solids very well while on a run. I felt my tummy grumblingon the 17th kilometer, but held off from taking a gel, since I was too lazy to take it out from my belt, and I also know that I will still last in good shape at the finishline.

Jaimie and I would occasionally talk, but both of us were lost in our own mindful reverie all along the way. On the last 3 kilometers, both of us were feeling weak and strained, and we walked a bit to catch a breath or two. On the last few meters from the finish line, I coaxed Jaimie to sprint to the finish – to help get the blood going and give our legs that push that we need to finish it.

This is my first 21K run with a friend alongside me. It was my slowest run, but one of my fondest having Jaimie by my side all the way. Clocked in at 2:48:++ by my Garmin as soon as we crossed the finish.


For the third leg of Runrio trilogy and Run United 3; I am registering for the 32K. But I won’t be as foolhardy as I was with this run. After yesterday, training will not be part of my schedule – but will be part of my lifestyle as it is supposed to be.

I am also happy to share that all I needed was a four hour nap on Sunday afternoon, and still walking normally today. :D

Runrio Trilogy 2012

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  • http://www.teamjrunning.blogspot.com Bro J

    congrats to both of you! wala pang training yan ha! see you soon!