How to Cook Quinoa Without the Bitter Taste

The first time I cooked quinoa, it tasted a bit bitter. But, I love its texture and how grainy it is. Quinoa, pronounced KEEN-WA; is one of the best alternative you can eat instead of the usual white rice, bread or pasta. This healthy grain has a high protein content, and a good source of nutritious dietary fiber, the good kind of fat and iron. It is also easy to prepare and is available at your most health and organic food stores, I buy mine from Healthy options in Trinoma or their branch in SM North EDSA.


How to Prepare and Cook Quinoa Without the Bitter Taste

  1. Rinse out the quinoa until the water is running clear without the whitish foam. This is to ensure that the saponin is rinsed out thoroughly. Saponin gives the quinoa that bitter taste. 
  2. Quinoa needs a lot of water. If you cook a cup of quinoa, you need to use two cups of water or broth. Remember the 2:1 ration for water to quinoa.
  3. Let it simmer for about 10 to 20 minutes or until the grains become translucent. Taste one first, and it should still have a bit of a crunch when you do.
  4. Feel free to serve it hot with any meat that you fancy or cool it down and make a salad out of it with some vinaigrette and greens.


Aside from couscous and corn, quinoa is a good staple that can replace your white rice. I usually just cook 1/4 of a cup with a pinch of salt and a cup of water, since I usually just cook for myself at home. Give quinoa a try and make it part of your healthy diet plan.  


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  • Alli

    hi, this is very informative on healthy eating. around how much does quinoa cost in healthy options? thanks ad have a good week! :)