I think it’s about high time that I make a separate disclosure for The Fit Mommy Now and from Embracing Everyday (my personal blog).

The Fit Mommy Now blog has been incarnated for THREE TIMES since I started it. From fitmommy.wordpress.com, to thefitmommy.net and to TheFitMommynow.com. So for now, I am keen on keeping this blog updated for the small number of readers out there – and most importantly – this will remain as my own PERSONAL CREATIVE SPACE for writing.

So here’s the rundown of my disclosure for The Fit Mommy Now Blog:

  • That NOBODY shoves a a gun to my throat when I write posts on this blog.
  • That I blog here because it is my HOBBY.
  • That I do earn SOME spare change because I am an Pay Per Post, Social SparkAmazonBluehostNuffnang and Google Adsense Affiliate/ Publisher.
  • That there are times that I do join online contests because I like FREEBIES… I mean, who doesn’t?
  • That I do ACCEPT and TURN DOWN INVITATIONS for some blogging, fitness and product events and launches.
  • And if I do ATTEND an event, I am fully aware of my freedom to WRITE ABOUT IT OR NOT.
  • That I SOMETIMES get a free registration for a run, a loot bag or something cute when I attend these events. But, if I am not given any of the mentioned above - I am forever GRATEFUL for being invited for any event.
  • That if I DO NOT GET INVITED - I will NEVER WRITE an NEGATIVE POST just to get back for not being invited.
  • That if I can see that my budget will allow it - I PAY FOR MY OWN registration and logistics for a race or fitness activity.
  • That if I think that an event is TOO EXPENSIVE for me. I do not COMPLAIN AT ALLI simply don’t register for it.
  • That because of my GRATEFUL NATURE - I make it a point to focus on the POSITIVE side of things, may it be in a race or whatever LIFE LESSON that I happen to experience.
  • And that if I write anything NEGATIVE on this blog, it’s because I FEEL that that  a certain incident have pushed over the BOUNDARIES of MORALITY AND KINDNESS.
  • That if I do have a number of grammatical errors on this blog – it’s just because - I AM NOT PERFECT.

This is my disclosure for The Fit Mommy Now blog, written today January 23, 2012. :)

The Fit Mommy Blog

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